Farming is an experiment.

It's no surprise that I grew up to be a farmer. Let me rephrase that, in my last post I talked about how farming found me, and how it wasn't my fault, I didn't actively seek out farming. But if you peered into my childhood, you would see a little girl who loved animals, a little girl who played with worms and bees, and bugs of all sorts. Including hosting snail races with my Cousin Sandra. A little girl, who was meant to be a farmer.

I remember making potions with Sandra by picking different plants, we would make skin care concoctions, and birds nests, we would try to make butter by shaking creamer containers at restaurants, mud pies decorated with flowers, and we even tried to hatch some Robin eggs on our own once. Sandra was most definitely the initiator in all the trouble we got into... But she won't ever admit it. Sandra is in the red dress in these photos, don't let that beautiful toothless grin fool you! See those crooked and insanely short bangs? I'm almost positive that she cut those herself! See? Trouble. Maker.

The top picture actually makes me crack up for several reasons... Don't pay attention to the maniacal look in my eyes, or my wild unkempt hair. Just repeat, "Magan was the innocent one." Also, it looks like I'm wearing slippers, UMMMM, I'll have you know, that to this day, I wear slippers almost 1000% of the time. These ones below, I pass off as shoes, no one seems to notice.

Anyhow, back to the title of this post. Farming is an experiment. It's true, because I don't like to follow directions (I got that from Sandra), but mostly because, as a farmer you try different things until you get a positive result. Below, you'll see a picture of my second or third, maybe even fourth, year of trying to grow corn. You can also see my homemade tattoo. Sandra convinced me to do it, I swear! Don't pay attention to the Dirt under my fingernails, it's the true sign of a farmer....

Obviously, I wasn't very successful. But I didn't give up! I finally discovered the Hugelkultur. If you don't know what this is, Google is very apt at supplying information. But basically, it's a big ol pile of tree branches and garden debris covered in dirt In which to grow food and save water. And below, my results!

It took FIVE years to figure out how to successfully grow corn. But I didn't give up! I kept reading and researching and trying different things until I figured it out.

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