Delica's Elle Phantom of the Opera

Phantom is my main herd sire. I retained him for his wonderful milk genetics, conformation, and his parents sweet temperament. 

He is friendly like a puppy, and loves to have his head scratched. He's fairly easy to handle and never bucks or headbutts people.


He improves ears 100% of the time. And 80% of the time they meet breed standards for Mini Nubians on airplane eared does.

In addition, he's passing on his sweet personality to his kids. 

I haven't confirmed this genetically but my suspicion is that his color is recessive. 100% of his kids have their dams coloring or dams familial coloring.  

So if you have a ton of moonspotted girls I would suspect you would get moonspotted kids. And likewise for any color you are hoping to repeat.

2018 Kidding records 13 kids 9 doelings, 4 bucklings.

He measures at an unofficial 29" at the shoulder.

He is a wonderful well mannered buck, he is gentle with the ladies, friends with the bucks, and loves his ducks! He has placed well in the V-Show. I think he'll make someone a lovely addition. Click on the link to contact me.

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