** AVF Faline


Faline is a very nice first gen doe, out of the infamous Cherrie Rain lines. She placed 5th and sixth in the Vshow in 2017, but as you can see, the pictures I submitted aren't that great. Update! 7/26/18 Faline is the most polite and well mannered milker. She will do anything for grain! She stands nicely for milking without being tied.  She is milking about 2 cups a day which is awesome for her small size as a first freshener. She is good for hand or machine milking. Her udder milks down to nothing, and has fast let down. She's a really lovely little doe. I was originally going to sell her but after milking her she's a keeper. Update 03/2019 Faline kidded with Triplets!!! Easy birth strong healthy babies, and such an amazing mother! This girl just gets better and better. Her udder pictured below is her pre kidding udder. Her udder is looking awesome for a Second freshener. 

2019 Pre-Kidding Udder, second freshener.

2019 Triplets! 2 Doelings, and 1 Buckling.